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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.  If you talk to him in his own

language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela 


Welcome to Language Gateway
provider of face-to-face and online lessons (French, German and English) and language homestays / immersion courses

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Hello, I’m Marjorie Clifton, and I would love to introduce myself and Language Gateway to you. I am an experienced language teacher and am passionate about the many personal and work benefits to be reaped through learning languages.

The difference between being able to speak to someone in their own language as opposed to having them speak to you in yours is enormous; it really does allow you to experience a different dimension of the world and in many cases is essential for work purposes. There has also been a lot of research undertaken, which strongly indicates that being bi-lingual, or learning another language in later years, is hugely beneficial to our mental well-being and can help stave off the onset of alzheimer’s.

What can Language Gateway offer you?

Personalised language tuition for individuals or groups via face-to-face or online lessons or a mixture of both

Homestays for adolescents and students

Immersion courses (residential) for adults

Friendly advice and on-going support

What is meant by “homestays”?

Homestays are essentially where a student stays in our home and is treated as a family member for the duration of their stay. It is therefore ideally suited to young adults / students and teenagers. Tailored lessons are provided, as are activities and outings.

What is meant by “immersion courses”?

Immersion courses are a form of structured language tuition delivered very intensively often but not always in the country of the language which the student is learning. Our courses are run from our home in Brittany, with self-catering accommodation being provided in the adjoining little gite. This is a perfect environment for professionals / adults of all ages.

What is meant by “online lessons”?

These are personalised lessons across the internet, which have become increasingly popular in recent years as technology has allowed more and more functionality and flexibility. Skype is often used, but I prefer to use a software called “Webex”, which allows me to create a virtual classroom for my students. This enhances the learning experience and mirrors the experience of sitting in your very own personalised classroom – albeit a little more comfortably as you can remain in the privacy of your own home! There is no extra cost to the student for this software and the process is a straightforward one.

Language Gateway Offers ...

Immersion courses (residential) in Brittany, France (for French and English)

Homestays in the Brittany, France (for French and English)

Variety of online lessons in French, English and German

English Exam preparation classes: TOEIC, Bulats, Ielts

GCSE Tuition for French and German

Personalised package face-to-face, online and homestay / immersion courses

Who Uses Language Gateway...

Business professionals


Individuals and groups (share the costs of the lesson and have more fun!)

Corporate organisations

Couples/families who want to combine learning French with a holiday in Brittany

Those wanting to work/live abroad

Why use Language Gateway...

Flexibility – the lessons are built around your availability and can change from week to week

All course content personalised to you and your specific needs, be that “General”, “Business” or just “Holiday” language

Attractive pricing!

FREE trial online lesson (no obligation to continue)

FREE online lesson prior to homestay / immersion course with option for more

Ongoing support and follow-up

What makes Language Gateway unique?

Essentially, I offer you a personalised and flexible package of language tuition according to your needs, interests and budget, through homestay / immersion courses, face-to-face or online lessons, or a mix of the above. Many companies offer either an intensive immersion course route, with or without a homestay option, or on-going online lessons / tutorials, but not many will offer you a mix of the two, with the clear benefit that this entails. Homestay / immersion programmes can be great, as they enable very fast progress, but if they are not followed up properly afterwards, can lead to the language learnt so rapidly being just as quickly forgotten. With me, you will also have the option of continuing to build on your learning through online or face-to-face lessons – the number and the frequency is up to you. As I will be your teacher throughout, you will also benefit from the continuity of teaching, and my expert knowledge of your abilities and goals, making me well placed to assist with your continued language development.



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