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“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” Oliver Wendell Holmes




If you’re encouraged by what you’ve read on this page and would like to take up or develop your ability in French, German or English (for non-native speakers) please get in touch.   As well as immersion courses (for French and English) I offer flexible personalised online language lessons at very affordable prices. Please contact me for more information, Marjorie on +44 (0)14 13 32 85 07 or by email to

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New Year ….… New You …….. New Language?

January 2018

How are you doing with those New Year’s Resolutions? If you haven’t yet made any, it’s not too late to sit down and gaze wistfully towards the horizon, taking precious time out of your otherwise hectic schedule, and ponder not only what it is you’d really like to achieve this year, but more importantly how exactly you’re going to achieve that goal. Very often, we have great ideas and aspirations, but just saying we’d like to do something unfortunately doesn’t make it happen. I have the same problem when it comes to dieting – I’d love to lose a bit of weight and be fitter, but I’m afraid I can’t seem to stick to my regime, perhaps because I don’t give myself reasonable, attainable goals.

As a language teacher, it strikes me that language learning is similar. How many of you would like to be able to learn a new language? Particularly if you’re planning a trip abroad in the summer, it’d be wonderful to be able to communicate with the locals, wouldn’t it? However, we generally want to be able to get from saying “Bonjour” to having a fully-fledged conversation in as short a time as possible, and surprisingly enough, our good intentions often fall by the wayside along the way. The learning has to be done gradually and regularly, and reasonable targets need setting. Above all, you have to discover a system which works for you.

If you’re highly motivated, you can certainly learn some language on your own, although even then, keeping going without someone to encourage and correct you, can be very difficult - after all, language is first and foremost a means of communicating with others - or, you can take lessons. Here again, you have the choice between a group class or individual lessons. Groups can be great if the timing works for you, and the other people in the group are of a similar ability and have the same kind of goals as you. Individual lessons with a private tutor is generally the preferred route if you have specific needs, either for business or pleasure, or indeed to pass an exam, as the tutor will gear the lessons entirely to your requirements. Private lessons can be expensive, but as the lessons are generally organised around your own timetable, they often work out more economically than you might expect, compared to a group class where you may have to miss some sessions and then struggle to catch up.

Another option to consider is online lessons with a qualified tutor, which is what I offer through my business, Language Gateway (for French, German and English as a Foreign Language). These again are scheduled to suit you, and because you can have them wherever you are, as long as you’ve got a computer with internet access, and ideally (but not necessarily) a webcam, and at times which suit you, they can be particularly useful for business people who travel frequently. They can also be a great option for busy stressed-out parents, trying to support their Year 11 offspring, as the online mode means they not only no longer have to drive them to the tutor’s house, but they can, if they wish, keep an eye / ear on what’s going on. And that brings me to yet another advantage. The price remains the same if you wish to share your lessons with other family members or friends, thus making the learning even more fun, as well as more financially viable.

If French is your language of choice, you may also be interested in the residential immersion courses we offer in Brittany, which are entirely tailored to your wishes and requirements. It is also possible to simply hire our gite for your summer holidays. What a perfect goal to set yourself with your language learning, to be able to immerse yourself in French life? And I honestly can’t think of anywhere better to do so than in beautiful Brittany, with its charming people and its plethora of tourist attractions.

Please feel free to contact me, Marjorie, for further details on or on my mobile 07899 655484.

So, how are you going to broaden your horizons this year?

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